COBOL DB2 Precompilation Process flow diagram.
COBOL DB2 Precompilation Process flow diagram.
DB2 Precompilation Process.

DB2 precompilation process is an important step to prepare a COBOL DB2 program for execution. COBOL DB2 program includes the SQL statement and these SQL statements cannot be processed by host language compilers. Thus, DB2 precompiler or DB2 coprocessor is used to process SQL statements.

In this session, you’ll learn the basic concept of DB2 precompilation process. You’ll get an overview of DB2 precompiler, DB2 coprocessor, Database Request Model (DBRM), Consistency token. Let’s get started with COBOL DB2 compilation process.

Scenario: Let’s say you have been asked to compile a COBOL DB2 program but being a new team member you…

Welcome back to my blog. Today I’ll be discussing APIs. APIs stands for Application Programming Interface. APIs are the most trending topic in the industry. This tutorial will cover various aspects of the Application Programming Interface. So, let's start with the tutorial.

What is an API?

In Layman's term, API is the abbreviation used for Application Programming Interface. APIs are the set of protocols, micro-services, web services that enable two applications to communicate and exchange data with each other.

API Architecture, Application programming interface
API Architecture, Application programming interface
Application Programming Interface (API).

You would be amazed to know that every day million user across the globe make APIs call to get their job done. …

PYTHON — Programming Language.

In the last few years, Python has been the choice of many students and professional programmers. Python is one of the most popular, robust and powerful programming languages. Python is one of the most search terms and in fact, learned the language.

You’ll also learn the different variants of COBOL PERFORM statements such as perform times in COBOL, inline perform, perform varying until in COBOL, nested perform statement, etc. Let’s get started with today’s COBOL Tutorial.

COBOL PERFORM Statements are used for looping, iteration, or sequencing.


The logic or functionality is included within the PERFORM and END-PERFORM statement. The specified logic is executed in a loop till the condition is satisfied. Inline PERFORM is generally used in the file reading logic.


Now, let’s talk about different variants of PERFORM Statements.


In a basic perform…

Structured Query Language, SQL commands, COBOL+DB2, DB2 cursors
Structured Query Language, SQL commands, COBOL+DB2, DB2 cursors
SQL — Structured Query language.

Data is a collection of facts, that computers can understand and process. So, when you book your flight or pay utility bills, or share photographs on the social media platform. Your action generates tons of data.

Different storage mediums such as databases, file systems, etc. store generated data for processing. Large scale enterprise applications generally use the database to store this valuable information.

Proper storage and analysis of data not only improve the process but also boost the profit.

Now, the question is how to store and access data from the database. The answer is SQL or Structured Query Language.

JCL Tutorial — JCL Joinkeys.

In your day to day task, you might have come across a situation, where you need to produce some statistics of matched or non-matched records from two separate files based on keys fields. If you are dealing with RDBMS then this task would be pretty simple, you could have written an SQL statement to generate desired statistics.

But eventually, this task is not simple if you are dealing with flat files. In such a situation either you write some Easytrieve or COBOL program or use SORT JOINKEYS. JOINKEYS in SORT JCL is usually the preferred option despite writing a program.

In today’s tutorial, I will discuss SORT INCLUDE and OMIT control statement. These are very important control statements that are used to improve the efficiency of a SORT job. So, let’s start with our tutorial.

What is JCL INCLUDE and OMIT Statements?

Every day millions of jobs run on the mainframe to SORT or MERGE data from different files. These jobs use various control statements as per requirements. INCLUDE and OMIT are two such parameters that are used to improve SORT efficiency and these parameters provide some more processing capabilities.

The SORT INCLUDE and SORT OMIT statements is used to identify the records that should be included…

APIs are a trending topic, energetically debated by business-people, IT managers, and developers alike. In this tutorial, I’ll describe the REST APIs (Application Programming Interface). So let’s look at an overview of REST API.

What is REST APIs?

REST stands for REpresentational State Transfer APIs. REST APIs are an architectural style defined to help create and organize distributed systems. REST, however, is the newcomer on the block and for web service access protocols. REST APIs objective is to provide a truly simple, lightweight method for accessing web services.

History of REST APIs.

Roy Fielding an American computer scientist has made tremendous contributions to the IT Industry, especially regarding…

Customer Information Control System.

As such, CICS® stands for Customer Information Control System, is a world−class transaction processing system.
It is an all-purpose transaction processing system for the z/OS® operating system.
Customer Information Control System deliver services for running an application online, by request, at the same time as many other users are submitting jobs/requests to run the same/different applications, using the same data files and programs.

CICS can handle millions of the transactions from hundreds of users at the same time as they run a variety of application programs. Customer Information Control System (CICS) loads corresponding programs, coordinates their…

COBOL, COBOL Tutorial, COBOL for beginner, COBOL Programming, Free COBOL Course.
COBOL, COBOL Tutorial, COBOL for beginner, COBOL Programming, Free COBOL Course.
COBOLCOmmon Business Oriented Language.

As you’ve seen, COBOL is a language with a 50-year history. COBOL is more than just another programming language. COBOL is an integral component in the public and private infrastructures in nearly every country on the planet. There is scarcely a person alive today whose life hasn’t been affected by COBOL programs.

These programs perform the day-to-day operations of governments, banks, transportation systems, and manufacturing and distribution systems. Invisible but powerful, COBOL is the brick and mortar of our information systems.

If you’re interested in working with the large information systems at the core of business everywhere or in developing…

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